Saturday, September 5, 2015

the Pithy Art Blog has moved!

I've packed up all my toys and relocated to a shiny new home.
This site has been good to me, but I've consolidated my web presence into one location.  Controlling and building the brand!

The Pithy Art Blog continues at

These posts will stay here, Im not deleting anything, just no more posts at this location.

Remeber to visit and book mark the new location! See you there!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Head Banging

Death metal band Asphyx headbanging during a performance. CC-by 3.0
Its serious head banging time! And I don't mean to music, its what I basically call what I do when I have to fight tech to get it to do what I need it to do. Basically just imagine that Im banging my head against my desk or key board repeatedly.

Hours and hours just to get a simple table to line up properly--aaarrrggg.
CSS fights the CMS, and if it would just let me code it and stop trying to "think" for me....aaarrrggg.

Yeah, thats exactly why Im switching to CMS website, so things like this will be easier int he long run. In the mean time Im getting everything set up!

Hopefully by the end of the week I will be inviting everyone to come check out my updated website.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Marketing Monday!

totally random image that came up when I search Pexels for "marketing." Nice arts banana shot

Yay Marketing Monday is on its way. Ive updated the Linked In page. I am now officially listed as a coloring book artist!
Also learned some great info about WordPress! So I will be starting the redesign of my webpage this after noon.

Also learning how to balance all the tasks that need doing. Marketing, drawing, making jewelry, and life.

Its interesting how starting over takes a whole lot of learning, its also really exciting and a little bit intimidating!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Right now my 2015 vending dates look like:

September 19
Murfreesboro TN
Art Along the Green Way

October 10
Two Rivers Park Nashville
Pagan Pride Day

October 24-25
Alabama Renassance Faire
Florence AL

December ???
Solstice Market
Lowe Mill
Huntsville AL

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Laura Learns Marketing

I think Marketing Monday, as I have decided to call it since its my day set aside to learn all about this was a fail.
I didn't do anything.
I worked on deadlines. Meeting deadlines is good.
Then again so is learning marketing. Im a creative, marketing is not a natural process for me.

I'm reading Platform by Michael Hyatt, so far I recommend it if you need marketing help in this world of social media and Web 2.0 products.

I watched a lot of podcasts from Self-Publishing school. Also good information, and time well spent.

Learn learn learn, so I can implement implement implement.

Oh and just found out about the whole new microchip on credit card thing!

So time to order a new Square reader. :(

Monday, July 20, 2015

Restructuring the website!

Im re building and redesigning my website.
Using post-it notes is a trick I learned back in the 1990s. You put 1 page and its contents on 1 post-it note. Allsub pages get their own note. If page contents becomes its own page, it gets its own note.
You can rearrange as spyou need to to. Then when organization and order is final, I tape them onto a big piece of paper.
They I either write it down in outline form if I need to share it, or draw it up.
Its a bit of an old school trick, but it works.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Things, they are a-changing!

Ganesh, remover of obstacles, god of wisdom, knowledge and new beginnings. I think its appropriate to have him on this post.
I'm working with a fantabulous woman who is becoming my marketing training mentor (I will drop names later).
I have a stack of of homework that includes updating my website. A complete overhaul.
This blog will be effected, but it will continue.
Add portfolios to places, and I have to read some books.

First book up:
Platform Get Noticed in a Noisy World by Michael Hyatt

I will be keeping everyone posted on my progress!