Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bronze Pig, the art of Jill Johansen

I stumbled upon this image.. I think it is so beautiful, and what an amazing idea a Koi Mermaid.
She was done by Jill Johansen, a Canadian artist.
Her website is Bronze Pig, and you can purchase her designs on items at Cafe Press at

I dont know Jill from Adam, as the saying goes, but I find her variety and subject matter interesting. Interesting, as in , Yes I like, not "oh thats interesting" I just dont know how to say thats not to my tastes. And I really like the variety of her artistic stylizations.

Thumbs up to Jill, she does truely beautiful work.

Now I just have to get my cafe cash account straightened up, and Im gonna buy something!

Monday, December 8, 2008

New CafePress Store

I opened a new CafePress shop.

it was inspired by my friend's daughters obsessive love for ketchup. For her birthday we made her some cute little customized t-shirts.
Well they were such a hit when she wears them, I decided to put them on cafepress.



I previewed a documentary on Dale Chihul's work for my art history class this weekend. I am always so amazed at his work. In the office building the hubby used to work at, they had a series of photos from his river installation in Norway.
I want to find a way to create this is clay.
I will lose the quality of the class, but I want that quality of organic.
I am already planning next time we drive to CA, that we will spend at least half a day in Oklahoma City, where I will go see one of his installations. The local museum had one of his pieces. One. not nearly as powerful ad the collections of glass he puts together.
But hey that one was pretty.