Wednesday, June 22, 2011


this is totally random, and only mildly linked to art, but...
I am totally intrigued by captcha words
you know those words or randomness that you have to type in when you leave a comment on some one's blog.

They make me think of futuristic alien words, or maybe they are secret hidden words of power, like the lost symbol from Dan Brown's book.

today's word was: playsa

and now I am thinking of beaches in tropical and mythical places.

Words can influence our art, or does our art influence the meaning we give to words?

Dumbo Octopus

Isn't he cute

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


"The Spitting Gargoyle" perches above Paris from the Galerie des Chimères of Notre Dame Cathedral, keeping watch over the denizens of the city far below. Technically a chimera and not a gargoyle (gargoyles typically act as ornate gutter spouts), the half-man, half-beast may unnerve some, but millions of visitors have been enchanted by this stony guardian of the City of Lights. (

Whether you’re channeling a gothic vibe, looking to add a touch of Old Europe to your décor, or just delight in eclectic art pieces, gargoyles and chimeras are interesting, conversation starting additions to almost any decorating style. Find our complete collection of art featuring gargoyles and chimeras at

Gargoyle on Notre Dame, Paris, France Art Print
item #: 10374457A

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There has to be an easier way

I am finding the process of taking pictures, and getting them out of my camera and uploaded to be a bit of a bear.
There has to be a better way to do this.

i havent gotten my vacation pics uploaded yet, and I haven't gotten my rings uploaded for several weeks. The last ring I have in my flickr set for RAW 2011 is week 17, and its week 23. But I actually have the rings made, so now its feels to me and looks online like Im a slacker.

Ok time to stop whining about technology and go see if I can get the pictures from my camera to my computer.

This picture is too cute:

I was just looking for some clip art, and found an actual bear looking at a camera. This is from National Geographic, trust them to have this type of image