Monday, November 5, 2012

Making cup cakes at the new job

Making cup cakes at the new job
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It seems as if Ive been ignoring my blog. Nope just no time. And I really cannot figure out how to post from my phone!.
Ive taken on an additional part time job. As much as I dearly want to make my living as a jewelry artist, right now reality is, it isnt even cutting it as a supplemental income generator.
So I have zero, zilch extra time to do the things that make me happy, and functional. Fortunately my husband does the laundry. Because I seriously have no time right now.
Anyway the extra job is in the bakery at my local Wallyworld. I get to sling bread dough and decorate cup cakes.
Im having fun with the cupcakes, but man, my hand hurts from using icing bags!

I will try to get back on here and post more frequently, even if only to show off what cupcakes I managed to make this week. I do miss making jewelry, but at least my artistic self is being satisfied playing with the colorful icings!