Thursday, September 23, 2010

bernina foot

bernina foot
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Im in love! I've been sewing for how long and have never had this foot. Heck I didn't know they existed.
I thought a flat felled foot was spiffy, but this edge guide foot is phenomenal!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

project runway

this season is drek!
my favorite designer thus far (all 8 seasons) is Carol Hannah. Cute stuff, too bad she didn't do a "collection" but a series of unrelated pieces.
this dress is just amazing!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fire Mountain

my baby
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Here i come!!!
I just got the announcement that this years competition piece has made it to the live round of judging!
No photos, not yet, "no previously published photos," and some places consider blogs and flicker as previously published.

Dragon baby made it to this level last year. We only scored an honorable mention, but I know I am producing stuff that is pushing their ideals of jewelry, but I am showing off what the product can do!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bob the rhino ring answers questions

Bob the rhino ring
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Polish polish burnish burnish.

All those fun things I do not do.
A lot of folks swear by polishing their raw metal clay.
I usually just make sure its smooth before I pop it into the kiln.

Well on Bob here, I decided lets see if it really makes a difference.
Nope none at all.
I don't want to add more fuss time to pieces that dont need it.

I know Bob is a bit out of focus in the first picture, but you can still tell the diamond points are shiny. I burnished them, the see if that would impact their shine-ability out of the kiln.

In the second picture, there is visually no difference in the points to areas that were just smooth (not burnished) before I popped him into the kiln.

So thanks Bob for answering the question of should I add more polish time prior to kiln firing.
The answer is no more than I currently do. All I do currently is make sure the surface I want smooth is smooth (usually just a wet brush clean up).

The husband was happy to hear I do not need to "polish Bob's nobs" as he put it.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alphonse Mucha

A few friends have been telling me to friend/like on Facebook. Well I finally did. They are basically an online poster shop. BUT... if you friend them on Facebook, you get a nice little paragraph size art history lesson when they post the images they have available.

Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) was a Czechoslovakian Art Nouveau artist who pioneered a sensuous, ornate style replete in stained glass colors, elaborately curving lines and ethereal women. Realizing that living people created the art he admired in churches, Mucha became inspired to paint. Moving to Paris, he was initially the archetypical starving artist, until Sarah Bernhardt asked him to create a poster for the play, “Gismonda.” The life-size poster, which was the antithesis of artistic trends of the day, was a sensation. Bernhardt signed him to a six-year contract, and he became a household name. Mucha’s style experienced an enthusiastic revival in the 1960s, particularly in psychedelic posters.

Alphonse Mucha Print Gallery:

Monaco to Monte-Carlo
Art Print by Alphonse Mucha
Item #: 10031540A
24" x 30"

This one is from, I need to do these myself!