Thursday, March 28, 2013

What are you interested in seeing?

Im trying to establish and get this blog to be consistent. I want to use it to show off and to share.

What are you interested in seeing here:

mini tutorials
inspiring pictures
what Im doing crafty wise
craft business building- in progress
latest additions to my Etsy shop

all of the above?

Am I missing something?

I would love some feed back.



About a week ago, Fire Mountain Gems sent me the matted image of my medusa necklace. I knew it had placed as a finalist in the metals competition, but this.... this looks like a magazine ad.

Im so excited. I will make sure I share if and when it gets used as an ad.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glass nail polish gems

They are shiny and sparkly and sooo much fun to make

I tripped over this youtube tutorial the other day by CraftKlatch. I seriously have no idea how i found it, or what I was looking for. But there it was and it was sparkly, so I watched.

And how cool are these things!

They are super easy, and sort of addictive to make. I think Im going to use them with polymer clay.

Oh and I made eyes...the possibilities...

I started with some plain ones, added glittery nail polish, gave the back a nice solid opaque coating of polish.

They look like a poor mans faux dichroic glass piece
The eyes I made--insert maniacally evil mwhahahah

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

wire wrap treble and bass note cake topper

So I was asked if I could possibly figure out how to make this treble and bass note cake topper. And I said sure, it looks easy enough. I really didn't look at it until I pulled out the wire to make it, then I realized that this original one had to be soldered together. Oops. Well i figured it out with a little bit of extra wire wrapping and ta-dah. I used 16 gauge aluminum wire. Comparing the pictures I wish I had some heavier gauge wire, but hey. It looks good, the bride loves it -and thats what matters.

The top pic is mine, the bottom is the picture she gave me, came from somewhere on pintrest.