Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Glass nail polish gems

They are shiny and sparkly and sooo much fun to make

I tripped over this youtube tutorial the other day by CraftKlatch. I seriously have no idea how i found it, or what I was looking for. But there it was and it was sparkly, so I watched.

And how cool are these things!

They are super easy, and sort of addictive to make. I think Im going to use them with polymer clay.

Oh and I made eyes...the possibilities...

I started with some plain ones, added glittery nail polish, gave the back a nice solid opaque coating of polish.

They look like a poor mans faux dichroic glass piece
The eyes I made--insert maniacally evil mwhahahah


Anonymous said...

wow those are neat! I'll have to make some and wrap them with wire.

Susan said...

Fabulous eyeballs!!! I can't wait to see what creatures you bring to life with those!

laura said...

You never know what you will just trip over. I love this idea, it was so easy, and since I think we only own glitter polish, it involved purchasing nothing.