Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bride of Cthulhu

bride of cthulhu
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I finally finished her!

I made this muse, shortly after seeing Percy Jackson. I call all my decorated faces muses.
I was playing with a combination of Medusa, and tentacles.
What can I say?
I really like making tentacles, they are fun, and squishy, and Im always somewhere between a playful giggle or a wicked cackle when Im working with them.

I had a hard time making the jump from straight polymer to painted and finished polymer. You can see her face pre-patina.

medusa with tentacles
I like the un-patina-ed polymer, but I always love the results when I do finally make that step. It seems to give it extra depth.

I wanted to make big stand up tentacles, but am saving those for a different collar piece. The tentacles here really feel very claw like, and add a tribal feeling to the piece. Im really happy with her.