Monday, March 29, 2010

ooh look! A chicken.

I have self published a tutorial for shaker chickens!
The tutorial is available at

This isnt my first tutorial, I have actually posted some project tutorials here on this blog, but it is my first attempt to sell one!


This is a project I submitted to Polymer Cafe and never heard back from them, so pppththth to them.
Of course I would like to be magazine published with a tutorial at some point, and I am working towards that goal.
So ta-da!

just in time to make use of all those plastic Easter eggs!

Roe Doubt

Here he is. I have named him Row Doubt, because he is such a salmony color.
Hes very proud, and very cute.
And done!

6 days left of lent, and my lent thing-a-day has been fairly successful.
One thing that I learned: I do not like piddling about making little one-offs I like to plan and execute larger scale projects. even if that larger scale project is make 6 chickens.

I think I am done with thing-a-days type challenges.
I would rather work creatively every day towards a goal. And have that goal be grander than I created a random thing. I work creatively everyday, anyway. The goal needs to be modified, for me at least.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing-a-day continues

I have been working away on my thing-a-day. I have made loads of pendants. I am playing like a mad person with resin, and Im working on larger more consuming projects.
I must admit the sense of wasting time and dinking around has attended me as I produce thinguses on a daily basis.

Todays "thing" was sinew and muscle of a dragon.
Tomorrow or Thursday he will get his scales and skin and further detailing.

I must say I love making this guy. He is the first one I have actively been documenting during his birth process, as well as time tracking. Granted Im tracking time in episodes of Burn notice, and how many times I watch Galaxy Quest and Strictly Ballroom, but it is trackable, and retrievable information.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


For the past few days my thing-a-day has taken on a massive project. I have been plotting and planning and sketching my next entry to Fire Mountain Gems polymer clay competition this year.
No pictures at all, none , since part of the requirements is no previously published works......