Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thing-a-day continues

I have been working away on my thing-a-day. I have made loads of pendants. I am playing like a mad person with resin, and Im working on larger more consuming projects.
I must admit the sense of wasting time and dinking around has attended me as I produce thinguses on a daily basis.

Todays "thing" was sinew and muscle of a dragon.
Tomorrow or Thursday he will get his scales and skin and further detailing.

I must say I love making this guy. He is the first one I have actively been documenting during his birth process, as well as time tracking. Granted Im tracking time in episodes of Burn notice, and how many times I watch Galaxy Quest and Strictly Ballroom, but it is trackable, and retrievable information.


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Thanks...I think ...I hope babelfish translated this accurately

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