Friday, January 30, 2009


Writing is a form of art right?
I hope so, because Im excited. I've been paying with an idea in my head. This time actually putting it onto paper--ok digital paper. I have always had "story ideas" but never really fleshed them out before. This one os fleshing itself out.
I had the entire progression and wrote it out, before I even realized I had a rough out line. Next thing I knew scenarios for specific incidents were playing their way thru my brain. Ive gotten a few more details out but nothing "hard"
So last night instead of pittering away time randomly playing on facebook, I decided to see if I could actually write this one section of "story" for a bout an hour.
ended up with a cohesive story segment. Its rough rough rough, but I found my heroines name! I got situational development, I got character development, I have hints to an under running thread that explains characteristics.
What I have is over 5,000 words
I wrote over 5000 words last night and its only a portion of the idea. It looks like I may actually be able to write the complete "book"
Thats always a concern of mine. The ideas for stories usually end up being complete in a short amount of time.
Now that it looks like I can do it, should i and should I start shopping it out?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Art Cards

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Im not a big art card maker. But I do try, and they are this months challenge in PCAGOE, and I do try to participate in the ones that are a challenge to me. I find the challenges help push me out of my comfort zone, making it larger.
So, I made art cards.
The top winged heart, and the filagree heart under that one both burned. I was bummed. later I decided to white wash them, instead of doiing a darker antiquing the way I usually do. I must say i was surprized. The white wash gave the cards a nice shabby chic look.
The mica powdered covered heart was my next attempt. Its not finished. It may never be finished. See all those lumps and bumps? Well, it boiled up during the curing process. I guess my toaster oven in the garage in the middle of winter is not such a good idea, it obviously could not maintain a constant temp, and most likely had temp spikes. Oh well. The hubby said sell it anyway no one will know. Doink--I will! He can be kinda thick sometiimes!
The last one is my attempt at steam punk. I think it turned out a bit more industrial than steam punk, but Im on my way. It is the card I selected as my entry piece for the challenge.

The challenge will be up and available for voting next week at

Sunday, January 18, 2009


gryphon 1 finished
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I have been playing with clay since the early 90s. My first experience with it was in the very late 1980s but I really should not count that. I was trying to make column capitals. Oh well, that failed miserably.
Like most polymer clay artists I got my hands on Nan Roche's book. Mostly I learned by experimenting techniques I read about.
I never really copied a project from a magazine or a book, just techniques.
I got ahold of Chrisi Friesen's first book, the dragons, and love the ideas and techniques, but again, no direct copies.
Not until the jungle book came out, then my kids wanted a frog, and a sloth. so I followed the directions and made frogs and a sloth.

it wasn't until this month that I actually took a class. ive taught classes, but I am finally taking a class. I found a Christi Friesen class that is being offered on-line!
Im all about e-learning, and actually looking into getting a Graduate certificate or degree in distance education. I currently teach on-line courses and I LOVE teaching online.
So I was excited --still am-- about online craft classes.

So here I am taking my first actual craft polymer clay course. Why? Because its with Christi!
There pretty much is not going to be an opportunity to do this in person for a long time, or I win the lottery. But I can on-line.

So far the set up works really well, and I am enjoying it.
We are making some Steam-punk gryphons. This is my first gryphon, hes not steam punk--the next one will be.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


One of my 2009 new Year's resolutions is to finish projects.
I have so many projects that I have started, and for some reason or another just never completed. Either the thought of completing a project that could be so beautiful, and I'm afraid my real final project won't be as beautiful as the one in my mind. Or just ran out of time or even supplies.

So I really want to finish things.
I have a silver dancer that needs to be finished, I have the Silver Chihuli piece I started 4 years ago, the mermaid, the wedding dragons, the face that needs turquoise, and the sun moon bracelet, Michelle's M, Lakshmi shrine; just to name the few i can think of off the top of my head.

A few other resolutions in the craft realm of my world:
Get that work table cleaned off, and keep it that way so I can work. This means I need to stop telling people if they need me to do something with anything to just put it on my work table.
I'm going to participate in thing a day in February this year. I had thought about thing a day for the entire year, but my life is a tad unpredictable at times. Kids do that for you. So why put myself into a situation where I wont be able to participate at the level of my choosing. Its setting myself up to fail, and why should I do that to myself?
Bronze Clay. I have some, I just want to sit down and create with it.

Craft items I want to start doing more will be figurines, decorated cakes. And completing pieces from my sketch book.

Last year I sold 14 items on etsy (thats double my sales from 2007), and I made the minimums I needed at the ren faires and craft shows I did. This year I will sell lots and lots more at each location. My goal is to double sales at each event from my last year total, each day. And my etsy site will double sales on a monthly basis.

I will continue to grow and make profit. This is not a simple "hobby" for me, and my sales reflect that.