Sunday, January 4, 2009


One of my 2009 new Year's resolutions is to finish projects.
I have so many projects that I have started, and for some reason or another just never completed. Either the thought of completing a project that could be so beautiful, and I'm afraid my real final project won't be as beautiful as the one in my mind. Or just ran out of time or even supplies.

So I really want to finish things.
I have a silver dancer that needs to be finished, I have the Silver Chihuli piece I started 4 years ago, the mermaid, the wedding dragons, the face that needs turquoise, and the sun moon bracelet, Michelle's M, Lakshmi shrine; just to name the few i can think of off the top of my head.

A few other resolutions in the craft realm of my world:
Get that work table cleaned off, and keep it that way so I can work. This means I need to stop telling people if they need me to do something with anything to just put it on my work table.
I'm going to participate in thing a day in February this year. I had thought about thing a day for the entire year, but my life is a tad unpredictable at times. Kids do that for you. So why put myself into a situation where I wont be able to participate at the level of my choosing. Its setting myself up to fail, and why should I do that to myself?
Bronze Clay. I have some, I just want to sit down and create with it.

Craft items I want to start doing more will be figurines, decorated cakes. And completing pieces from my sketch book.

Last year I sold 14 items on etsy (thats double my sales from 2007), and I made the minimums I needed at the ren faires and craft shows I did. This year I will sell lots and lots more at each location. My goal is to double sales at each event from my last year total, each day. And my etsy site will double sales on a monthly basis.

I will continue to grow and make profit. This is not a simple "hobby" for me, and my sales reflect that.

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