Sunday, January 18, 2009


gryphon 1 finished
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I have been playing with clay since the early 90s. My first experience with it was in the very late 1980s but I really should not count that. I was trying to make column capitals. Oh well, that failed miserably.
Like most polymer clay artists I got my hands on Nan Roche's book. Mostly I learned by experimenting techniques I read about.
I never really copied a project from a magazine or a book, just techniques.
I got ahold of Chrisi Friesen's first book, the dragons, and love the ideas and techniques, but again, no direct copies.
Not until the jungle book came out, then my kids wanted a frog, and a sloth. so I followed the directions and made frogs and a sloth.

it wasn't until this month that I actually took a class. ive taught classes, but I am finally taking a class. I found a Christi Friesen class that is being offered on-line!
Im all about e-learning, and actually looking into getting a Graduate certificate or degree in distance education. I currently teach on-line courses and I LOVE teaching online.
So I was excited --still am-- about online craft classes.

So here I am taking my first actual craft polymer clay course. Why? Because its with Christi!
There pretty much is not going to be an opportunity to do this in person for a long time, or I win the lottery. But I can on-line.

So far the set up works really well, and I am enjoying it.
We are making some Steam-punk gryphons. This is my first gryphon, hes not steam punk--the next one will be.

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