Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What to expect in the new year?

My Wednesday inspiration is: what is going to keep me going this next year

So what's next?
This is a great question!

Do I merely fade back into the background, or do I use my kudos for this year as my spring board?

Spring board baby!

I have joined RAW-ring a week, this is a personal design and crafting challenge

I will update the etsy shop, I have so much stuff, and so little is shown. Check back weekly as I will be adding and adding.

I will update my products.
Somethings just aren't selling, like earrings. Im not going to be making these anymore, I mean why bother.
However the hats seem to be popular, and I will begin offering the new mini hat in January
Rings are fun for me, and with the RAW challenge I will have plenty.
Hinges, I have figured them out and plan on running with that pair of scissors.

Selling tips. I need them, so I will be reading and sharing.

Finish what I've started

That whole Wednesday inspiration thing. I will follow thru.

More tutorials at Clay lessons. I have had great success with the one I have, so I will be adding more.

More competitions and magazine submissions. Im already planning my next Fire Mountain entry--not the metal clay this year, maybe next year.

I love crafting the crafts I do, its my happy place. I have a friend who said Im a craft witch. I will proudly embrace that title (You know like a kitchen witch can cook, and garden witch can grown anything)

I plan on spending a lot more time in my happy place this next year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
I was definitely surprised!
I won Silver in the accessories category with my "hair piece."

In so stoked.

Now how do I top this? (get it its a hat how do you top a hat--yeah ok lame)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dare I?
I have less than a month.....
Im waiting for the results of the polymer clay competition with baited breath..... and the fed ex delivery that was "sorry we missed you" yesterday
will I be surprised? Will I be disappointed? Will I be thrilled?

art room cleaned

art room cleaned
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
I really cleaned and organized last week. I need it to be relatively clean in order to work, problem is as I work it gets all messed up again.
I've spent this week working on commissions, and I hate to say it but, the room is starting to look more like a before picture again.

Time to pause and tidy I think.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not been so active

I know I haven't been as productive creatively as I would like. Lets blame it on school.
But I am finishing up my certificate, so school is 1 paper away from being done for a while. I have agreed to not continue next semester. Take a break and then decide if I really need to continue with the full degree or not.
I think I would rather make masks and hats and fairy doors.

I will be writing more tutorials, since the activity on has been high, consistent, and beneficial.
What do I do that is unique that I dont mind everyone copying?

Acorns and acorn fairy houses I think are next.
Little daisies for little girls
I think I will do the dragon fly

cant decide if hats is something, or even if mermaid sculptures are.....
the chickens were not as popular as I had hoped for, but id I show some beastie variations maybe?

anyway i am looking forward to getting back into it!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


capped tentacles
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I was invited to submit a bead for the Fire Mountain Gems' circle of hope necklace. This is a necklace made up of one of a kind art beads. I am thrilled to have been invited to come play.
I figure they liked my submission for the polymer clay and natural beads competition this year. It involved tentacles. So I figured I would send tentacles for the beads.
I am sending a small collection of capped tentacle bead drops, and a large octopus bead.
Having recently seen 2 Chihuly exhibits, I think its safe to say there is a definite influence going on here.

Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vampire's bride ring

Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
bronze box ring with 4 ruby czs, polymer cap with roses and leaves, and one large pink pearl

Thursday, September 23, 2010

bernina foot

bernina foot
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
Im in love! I've been sewing for how long and have never had this foot. Heck I didn't know they existed.
I thought a flat felled foot was spiffy, but this edge guide foot is phenomenal!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

project runway

this season is drek!
my favorite designer thus far (all 8 seasons) is Carol Hannah. Cute stuff, too bad she didn't do a "collection" but a series of unrelated pieces.
this dress is just amazing!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fire Mountain

my baby
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Here i come!!!
I just got the announcement that this years competition piece has made it to the live round of judging!
No photos, not yet, "no previously published photos," and some places consider blogs and flicker as previously published.

Dragon baby made it to this level last year. We only scored an honorable mention, but I know I am producing stuff that is pushing their ideals of jewelry, but I am showing off what the product can do!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bob the rhino ring answers questions

Bob the rhino ring
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

Polish polish burnish burnish.

All those fun things I do not do.
A lot of folks swear by polishing their raw metal clay.
I usually just make sure its smooth before I pop it into the kiln.

Well on Bob here, I decided lets see if it really makes a difference.
Nope none at all.
I don't want to add more fuss time to pieces that dont need it.

I know Bob is a bit out of focus in the first picture, but you can still tell the diamond points are shiny. I burnished them, the see if that would impact their shine-ability out of the kiln.

In the second picture, there is visually no difference in the points to areas that were just smooth (not burnished) before I popped him into the kiln.

So thanks Bob for answering the question of should I add more polish time prior to kiln firing.
The answer is no more than I currently do. All I do currently is make sure the surface I want smooth is smooth (usually just a wet brush clean up).

The husband was happy to hear I do not need to "polish Bob's nobs" as he put it.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alphonse Mucha

A few friends have been telling me to friend/like on Facebook. Well I finally did. They are basically an online poster shop. BUT... if you friend them on Facebook, you get a nice little paragraph size art history lesson when they post the images they have available.

Alphonse Mucha (1860 – 1939) was a Czechoslovakian Art Nouveau artist who pioneered a sensuous, ornate style replete in stained glass colors, elaborately curving lines and ethereal women. Realizing that living people created the art he admired in churches, Mucha became inspired to paint. Moving to Paris, he was initially the archetypical starving artist, until Sarah Bernhardt asked him to create a poster for the play, “Gismonda.” The life-size poster, which was the antithesis of artistic trends of the day, was a sensation. Bernhardt signed him to a six-year contract, and he became a household name. Mucha’s style experienced an enthusiastic revival in the 1960s, particularly in psychedelic posters.

Alphonse Mucha Print Gallery:

Monaco to Monte-Carlo
Art Print by Alphonse Mucha
Item #: 10031540A
24" x 30"

This one is from, I need to do these myself!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Science fiction art ROCKS!
Art Appreciation 101: The two rules of awesome SF/fantasy art.

maybe you should not judge a book by its cover, but we all know it happens.
This article looks at some FABULOUS SF/fantasy artists including some of my faves Frazetta and Giger, and was tickled to see the Mercy Thompson book cover art in there (BTW these books ROCK!)

There are some more great art related articles, including history stuff, just click around looking at the links (click art)

for info on Syd Mead's concept art for Blade Runner check out this article

image: Syd Mead. Image Taken from the 1978 Paper Tiger Book “Flight of Icarus”.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is a metal clay artist. I think she rocks. I love her work.
I was most bummed and sad to learn that as soon as I moved to TN she moved to Pacific Grove (damn I just left there!).
And any trip back to CA was never actually scheduled to include time to take classes.

I have visited her website on and off, and it cracks me up she plays Shawn the Sheep (love him) and Neil Gaiman, and...well similar interests, but she rocks it and I admire.

There is a new metal clay coming out, doing some reading on it, I tripped over her stuff again. And reminded, again, how much I love her work... and I so totally ordered the new book!

And I tripped over a youtube video--click above link-- where she discusses safe crafting with PMC.
She has some great info, and yep a lot of the books don't (really, California banned styrofoam packaging for a reason folks). And honestly I was a it concerned that I may not have been taught the safest studio practices.

Well after watching her quick tips I am really glad I ended up with the trainer I had. Sandra B. was my level 1 and 2 certificate master instructor. She made certain we went for clean working from the beginning. If we had to sand she encouraged wet sanding, or just wet modifications over copious amounts of sanding. We did hollow forms but only wood or cork clay. Not styrofoam ever. I remember she once said, well if you want to with your kiln thats fine, but not around me.

Because we were cranking out quantity those weekends the kiln was in the studio, but it was directly under a fan vented open window--fumes and smoke went up and out directly.

And support material was always kiln fiber blanket, and not that alumina powder crap.

And Ive been lucky when I have taught the class room is too small for class and kiln, so by default the kiln has never been in my work space.

So, yay! Of course I need to continue to work on my personal cleanliness, I get a little too finger coated--but Im always washing them off, since I can't work well with clay fingers.

Skill developing


Art magazines are my inspiration idea this week. Well, maybe not my idea. But to actually use them. I've been "collecting" jewelry how-to magazines mostly as inspiration. I can't say I have ever actually completed a project from one. A few techniques here and there, but not an entire project.

I have decided that I need to do that. Make some of these projects. Even if it is just an exercise in skill development like the scroll slug I made based on the cover earrings from this issue of Art jewelry.

Talk about not satisfactory results. I tried to make 2 at a time for a pair, one of them broke. Aluminum is not a good practice with even if it comes in pretty colors!

Any way last night i tried to follow the directions for a bracelet, had to work out some mental translation issues, as in I did not understand, or instructions were not as clear as they could have been. In any case after one trial false start I made this lovely bracelet based on magazine instructions. I used less wire, and added some beads.

There just might be something to this following magazine directions for learning skills thing....

Sunday, August 8, 2010

she said "surprise me"

she said "surprise me"
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
I spent some time this week end working on this set of chunky turquoise.
(no its not real its died, but it looks good.)

last summer my sister purchased the chunks and some other round beads (used). Nothing happened with them while I was in CA. Mom brought them home with her on their spring trip to CA.

I've been working through past projects, and, trying to rejuvenate my work. Im doing more metal clay, and want to go beyond just stringing things together. Thats were the bracelet came from basically.
The bracelet was really a trial run for an idea I have. I want to make some bronze clay bits to incorporate. I also think a color progression might look really cool.

Any way i could not remember the original plans for these rocks, and so I texted her. She said surprise me.

I think this should do.

And that is what I did this week end.

Friday, August 6, 2010


it shrinks!
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
I dunno, are people afraid to show work in progress any more?
Its all glam and gloss and finished product.

Yes its wonderful to see finished product, and frankly If you can figure out how to recreate what I made from a few work in progress photos, then Im sure you would have gotten there with out them.
Am I right?

I love my work in progress, heck life is all about work in progress isn't it?

besides if I don't show WIP pictures, I would never get anything posted--I have hours and hours a head of me before I have new product ready for glam shots.

I cant wait!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bronzclay batch

bronzclay batch
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
Here they are, fresh out of the kiln.
the large greek piece in the middle broke, but because of the style all I needed to do was drill another stringing hole.
The bar above that was not as flexible as I had hoped and I snapped it, so instead of a bail for a large rock it will become a pair of earrings.

Im looking forward to finishing these up, and having some new jewelry to show off!!

bronze clay refined and ready to fire

I have been jonesing to play with this for soo long.
I realized its been over a year since I have done any metal clay at all.
These went into the kiln yesterday. I had some mis-fire issues, but those have been happily resolved, and these are on their happy way to sinter-land.
1 more hour at this point of holding at 1550, then cool down time.
I should be able to open the box before bed time.
I already have plans for faux bone beads and turquoise nuggets and....

Too darn hot!

Its too hot to be inspired by anything other than really good air conditioning at the moment.
This is supposed to be one of the worst weeks we have this entire summer, and yet this entire summer has been nothing but record breaking heat.
So its gross hot out, what do I choose to do?
Play with my kiln and figure out why its giving me pF 1 on ramp up when there are no power failures, and its not in cool down mode (which is what this code is supposed to mean).

My thoughts will be with the bomb pops and the AC vents!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

fan pages!

Facebook fan page

I have a fan page!
please come click on like this to follow more up to date happenings with me and art!

August PCAGOE Challenge

Its been a while since I have entered, but my dragon fit the needs, so why not?

Go visit www. and vote for #8, thats my dragon.
Voting is from August 1 to August 7.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Design influences

This is a design shop, back in 2000, I was on their website daily, I love their over the top layered look of things
And its fabulous because they also have brilliantly clean clear design at the same time.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday inspiration

Design using the labyrinth from the floor of Chartres. Good for contemplating.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mixing media

Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

I saw this beautiful wire wrapped pendent in a magazine.
It was the only project in the magazine, and frankly I didn't think it was work $7.
With much hubris I sketched the swirl patterns from memory at a random later time, knowing that putting this little wire design together would be a no brainer.

--insert ugly buzzer sound indicating I am wrong--

What I had not anticipated was the need for correct assembly order.
That took some time to figure out. I had to wrap, cut apart and rewrap several times before I figured assembly order out.
Next time I am purchasing the magazine.

So I took this spiral design and then began playing with it in polymer clay. My first incarnation was a direct translation as if the clay were wire. Then I began playing with it further.

I tried squaring it off, but the design was less Mayan than I anticipated. Maybe once I go back over it with carving tools, since I plan on having it look like carved turquoise.

Another option, that turned out rather entertaining is the tentacle version. This is another development jump off point.

I find it interesting how design ideas emerge and are influenced by techniques, and influenced by the process; especially if you allow yourself to explore the "hey what if I did it this way next" thoughts you have as you work.

I started playing with this design in clay first. The clay as wire design. Thats when I realized I should take this design evolution thru the proper steps, and make the wire wrap design. After that I felt a better understanding of the design, and assembly issues, and was able to "run with it."

The creative process is like a tree, with the changes branching off as they take shape in my head.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tech testing again

Ok, Im tech testing again.
Some how this evening my last 4 posts appeared on facebook. It looks like it only took the last 4, and not the last 24 (this is good).

test blog post 6:19 PM 6/23/10

Yes it does matter, even if it is just the back.

Michelangelo's David
Back detail.

Yes, another classic butt. Really Im just making the point that there is a reason ancient Greek art, and creations by Michelangelo are master pieces. The detail, the fact that its the back, and originally was not going to be in a position where the back would not be viewed with any regularity. But the quality of work was not "let go" simply because of the location.

Something that I need to work on for my own work.

Wednesday inspiration

Ok, yes its a butt. Its fairly nice one at that.
Its one of my favorite bronze backsides of all time.
Yes bronze. Not bronzed.

This is the back side from one of the fabulous Riace Bronze warriors.
Life size ancient Greek statues.

They are fabulous, and the level of detail is astounding.

So why show the butt? Yes its a nice butt, but why the butt?

Because of the continual attention to detail on all parts of this statue. Because the back side of this work of art was not ignored.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time to put down the pulp fiction and pick up some learning.

After yesterday's pondering I realized I cannot get clear on a few things without answers to certain questions.
Problem is Im not exactly certain what those questions are.
And once I have a list of questions, am I asking the right questions?

I'm still working on my list of questions. In the mean time I was wondering where am I going to find the answers that I need?
The internet is a vast resource, but its not every thing.

Books are super, but can get quite pricey. So I checked with the local library. We are fortunate in that we have access to a city wide library system, of a not too small city. We can check the entire catalog online, and request books to be sent to our library for pick up. Not all library systems are this easy, this user friendly, or this large.

I started looking at "selling crafts" as my subject, this lead me to more specific key words. This lead me to the key words the library and book cataloging people use.

Key words:
Handicraft industries -- Management
Handicraft -- Marketing
Selling -- Handicraft

From just a few words I have quite a reading list!
I'm including my list here. I can have easy access to it, and it might help someone else who is looking for this type of info.

The basic guide to selling arts & crafts
Dillehay, James
Torreon, N.M. : Warm Snow Publishers, c1994

Crafting as a business
Rosen, Wendy W
Baltimore, MD : Rosen Group, 1994

Crafts and craft shows : how to make money
Kadubec, Phil
New York : Allworth Press, c2000

The crafts business answer book & resource guide : answers to hundreds of troublesome questions abou
Brabec, Barbara
New York : M. Evans and Co., 1998

The crafts business answer book : starting, managing, and marketing a home-based art, crafts, design
Brabec, Barbara
New York : M. Evans & Co., 2006

Creative cash : how to profit from your special artistry, creativity, hand skills, and related know-
Brabec, Barbara
Rocklin, Calif. : Prima Pub., c1998

How to sell what you make : the business of marketing crafts
Gerhards, Paul
Mechanicsburg, PA : Stackpole Books, c1996

Crafters' internet handbook : research, connect and sell your crafts online
Crabe, GeneviƩve
Cincinnati, OH : Muska & Lipman, c2002

Handmade for profit : hundreds of secrets to success in selling arts & crafts
Brabec, Barbara
New York : M. Evans and Company, 1996

The crafter's guide to pricing your work
Ramsey, Dan
Cincinnati, OH : Betterway Books, 1997

Entrepreneur magazine's start up : start your own crafts business : your step-by-step guide to succe
Lynn, Jacquelyn
Irvine, CA : Entrepreneur Press, c2004

The Craft register : directory of arts & crafts shows, fairs and other events

Monday, June 21, 2010

Finding your market: HOW?

Warning this is not advice!
This is my current quest.

How do I find my target audience, how do I find my base product?

As soon as I *think* I may have found my target audience, and I pursue them, and I make sure that I have appropriate product for them, they are no longer my target audience.
So what happened?
I have some random encounter with a small pod of people who really love my work. They love it so much they actually purchase it. And then they are done with me.
I have very few repeat customers.

So, how do I deal with this, how do I get past this?
I do not want to be a one hit wonder.

Every year I attempt to add something to my line of creations. Based on how sales are, that item either goes bye-bye, or I continue to make them.
Sugar skulls:
I had great success with these for 2 years. Then nothing. No purchases for 3 years. Other than to use up the stock of ceramic bases for larger candle holder skulls, I no longer consider making these.
Dragon bottles:
The first 10 of these I made sold within minutes. Actually they sold out at their first 2 shows. I even earned a few commissions. Now....I have made a total of 3 batches (6 to 10 at a time), I still have more than half of the last batch.

I hit a high note with pirate stuff, then fizzle. (Yes, I know this one was really very much influenced by the Pirate movies, and cannot wait for the next one to be made and released, so I can sell some of this pirate stuff!)

I do not sell earrings. They are amazingly loved when I gift them, but they do not sell. I no longer make earrings, and have even begun taking some apart to incorporate into other projects.

I used to sell via a friend who sells her own stuff in CA. I fully understand she has enough product that she needs to sell just her own stuff. But I did fairly well with her. But again the same thing. One hit wonders. One summer silver mint leaves were a hit. Then she never sold another leaf. Another summer it was silver hamsa pendants. She sold the first 4 I sent her within 2 months. The next 4 she sent back for stock swap out.

I attempt to make a product line. I see if that product line sells. If it does I re-make, and for some reason this is the end stop of sales for that product.

For the most part I really enjoy making one of a kind products. And yes, I know that is completely opposite of this finding the base product line search but I need to have a balance of support items and super sale items.
The support items are to appeal to a slightly larger audience base, resulting in more sales. Bread-and-butter sales. Sales to cover basic expenses.

That is my situation.
So what answerable questions does this generate?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday inspiration

Ok more specifically Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlene Harris.
What on earth does this have to do with art?
About as much as posting the Mad Hatter, its more of a jumping off point than anything else.

If you have read the books, or watch True Blood on HBO you are familiar with Fangtasia.
I really like the complete thought process regarding the marketing of the vampire bar, and the packaging of the True Blood drinks.

For me I've been thinking of how I can create vampire inspired jewelry.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Getting crafty with the tech, or is that getting techie with my crafts?

I am attempting to RSS feed this blog to my facebook. I *think* I got the right button pushed over at FB, but then 24 blog posts loaded, and not just the latest one.
This is actually a test blog to see how the connectivity is working.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I love fractals!
Most fractal generators dont work on macs, so I haven't spent hours and hours generating any.
This beautful one is from
I love how it looks like it has tentacles.

Friday, May 28, 2010

My stamp book

My stamp book
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
I decided that life would be a bit less messy if I actually knew what rubber stamps I had. especially since I seem to have recently been on an acquiring binge.

I dont actually stamp craft that much any more. But....

So I started to sort what I have. My children helped with the organization.
Then I began stamping. All stamps impressed with the same basic black ink. Im not so good at making stamp impressions. Oh well.

I got this great blank book on clearance and it is filled up. It is not full, it has room for more.
And it not very artistically done on the inside. Its more functional catalog look, and far far away from artful journaling look.

The amount of work this took, I can't imagine how long doing it artfully would end up taking.

My finger tips have been inky grey for days now. And it took a few hours to put all the stamps away. Unfortunately I was hoping to be able to maintain the sorting when they got put away, but space limitations, and storage limitations prevent that from happening at present.

inside my stamp book
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Amulets

Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

Bad Moon Rising amulet
Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn
Inspiration comes from where? Well in the case of these two amulets, desperation.
I am amazingly fortunate to live near Sherrilyn Kenyon. So that means I am near where they have her book launch parties. Well, ok the last 2, for Acheron and Infinity.
The last time I had serous boot envy.
I lust after big black gothy boots. I cannot wear them. If I can find them to fit my calves they hurt my feet.
Its a lusting that will most likely never find satisfaction.
So I was getting ready to brace myself for an evening of "ooh look at the boots." And I wanted, no needed, something that would put me on to equal status with out having the boots.
So I figured I would make myself some groovy appropriate necklaces.

The amulets are based on the cover art from the books Acheron and Bad Moon Rising.
I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Ms Kenyon even admired the work. As well as several other fans.

In the end I only had 1 case of boot envy. It was so hot out most folks did not come dressed for a goth ball, just in capris and t-shirts and flip flops.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday inspirational trip

I am working on a project, that I would like to have a Persian floral look to it.
I am too lazy to dig up a book I know I have under that pile under there, and so I look up Persian floral design on the almighty Google search.
I discovered this lovely artist's work:

Heidi Tarver

She works in metal clay (the look is distinct to those of us who work in it), and her work is just lovely. Everything about it is appealing. The stylistic theme she uses, the shapes and colors of the stone.
She even has a nicely designed web site.

I *thought* I would post an image of a Persian floral design from a manuscript or from henna art, but I am sharing this lovely necklace because it makes me want to get my PMC out, and begin making wonderful things!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have started writing tutorials for polymer clay. So far I have two of them. OOh look, a chicken! and ear cuffs.
They are both available at

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brainstormin for the blog

I am currently not a romance novelist, it could happen. If I were I would definitely participate in beefcake Monday. Gena Showalter, a paranormal romance novelist does something like this on her blog. Every Monday she posts a new shot of a hot male model, romance novel hero image fodder

So I am thinking I don't do anything along those line.
I don't have tutorial Monday, or technique Tuesday.
I think I need to really have something like that.
I dont troll flickr for flickr finds Friday, maybe I should.

Inspiration Wednesdays?
Something simple, something that I could post a quick image.
I teach art history, there are lots and lots of inspirational art works out in the world,
and something from one medium can inspire in another medium.

Wednesday I think will be my day for this....
This will be inspirational images, by that I mean an image that has influenced me to create something, or that makes me want to create something.
I need a catchy name....
I will keep working on that part.

First installment, the hat. Here is Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, wearing the hat that I discuss in previous posts

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been blogged about!

Renaissance Gal of San Antonio has blogged about my Mediaeval Cane set!
She is a caner, so this is a thrill!

Go check out her blog, she posts daily and introduces art and artists she likes.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PCAGOE May Challenge Entries

I haven't participated in a PCAGOE challenge in a long time. I forgot how it helps with the creative process.
Any way, this month's theme is History. We have quite a variety of histories to choose from as well as creative projects.
My entry is #4 the set of medieval manuscript canes.

Voting will start in the next day or 2 over at

Vote, you could win something!

the "official" blurb:
The Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy's May Challenge theme is "History/Historial Event". As you can see, 14 of our member artists took the challenge and created these gorgeous entries depicting and interpreting a moment in time. Some are playful and humorous, others are touching and evoke deeply emotional feelings. Some are very personal. All are awesome interpretations on the challenge theme, and we hope you will vote for your top 3 favorites beginning May 1 thorugh May 7, 2010 at 5 lucky voters chosen at random will also win fabulous polymer prizes handcrafted by our member artists!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Etsy has this thing called Tresuries, it allows any Etsy user to create a curated selection of items. I have never been able to snag one. Even when they created Treasury West, which was supposed to just be an extra Treasuries collection. Well now the have Treasury East and ive managed to create 3--I dont think they are as limited server space wise.

So I created 3:

one of Blue Goddess nifty things

one specifically for the PCAGOE street team, its all polymer canes

And last one PIRATES!

If you have a chance visit them before they expire--I have no idea when that is