Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mixing media

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I saw this beautiful wire wrapped pendent in a magazine.
It was the only project in the magazine, and frankly I didn't think it was work $7.
With much hubris I sketched the swirl patterns from memory at a random later time, knowing that putting this little wire design together would be a no brainer.

--insert ugly buzzer sound indicating I am wrong--

What I had not anticipated was the need for correct assembly order.
That took some time to figure out. I had to wrap, cut apart and rewrap several times before I figured assembly order out.
Next time I am purchasing the magazine.

So I took this spiral design and then began playing with it in polymer clay. My first incarnation was a direct translation as if the clay were wire. Then I began playing with it further.

I tried squaring it off, but the design was less Mayan than I anticipated. Maybe once I go back over it with carving tools, since I plan on having it look like carved turquoise.

Another option, that turned out rather entertaining is the tentacle version. This is another development jump off point.

I find it interesting how design ideas emerge and are influenced by techniques, and influenced by the process; especially if you allow yourself to explore the "hey what if I did it this way next" thoughts you have as you work.

I started playing with this design in clay first. The clay as wire design. Thats when I realized I should take this design evolution thru the proper steps, and make the wire wrap design. After that I felt a better understanding of the design, and assembly issues, and was able to "run with it."

The creative process is like a tree, with the changes branching off as they take shape in my head.

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Desert Rubble said...

Am laughing because I'm the same way! Always doing things the hard way because it's cheaper.

I always think of things that would be cool while I'm making other things.....the key ingredient I always forget is writing them down! lol

Love what you ended up with and found it inspiring as far as techniques to use in my own work.