Monday, May 21, 2012

Learning Business

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My personal collection of art business books. 3 in this stack are library books that I keep checking out and one day will purchase. There are a few persinal meaning/law if attraction quantum books in there because these help me to find my focus. The rest are busimess sales and marketing. Time yo start reviewing them learning and applying.

The first book I am reading through is a little magazine supplement the dos and don'ts of Etsy. So far nothing new: take good pictures, be as descriptive and detailed as possible. I purchased some craft magazine to get this, and its not been helpful to me. Its good for a complete newbie, but not someone who has been on Etsy for a bit and has already learned this.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I've been playing with hinges based on the online class by Wanaree Tanner from CraftCast, and I cannot recommend it enough!

I've modified the concept a bit, but I'm not making anything dramatically uniquely me (these are still obviously based on Wanaree's book design model), I am learning and practicing a technique and seeing where I can go with it. Im rather loving hinges.

Im also rather loving this whole CraftCast thing. Its a lovely conglomerate of my love and my studies. You see, I've spent the past 2 years becoming an "expert" in online distance education. I am 2/3 of the way through a Masters in DE program (I've received two graduate certificate in DE, and currently am "done" with the school bit). And of course crafting. I love teaching craft classes, better students, after all they want to be there.

Alison Lee is brilliant having gotten into online hybrid delivery of course materials. Hybrid, thats the mix of synchronous, being there when the class is recorded, and then asynchronous, being able to download and access the course at any time. Makes me wish I had thought of it.

I haven't signed up for any more classes, but that is a function of having to finish finals and write papers, more than anything else.
I have my eyes on the classes by Michael DeMeng -I love his book Secrets of Rusty Things.
And improving my resin with the glowing effects presented by Patrik Kusek

Im excited I have chosen to stop pursuing one education (the MDE) for another (improved jewelry making skills and marketing).

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So excited the table is clean!

So excited the table is clean!
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Its May and I'm back!

I've learned a lot these past two semesters. With the bulk of it this most recent semester. I am more educated, but in reality I have no further interest in using my degree. (Not too good since I paid for it out with my dime.) I realize it has not, and will not in the foreseeable future add to my employability.
I have also discovered its time to find out how to really make what it is I want to do a reality. A viable reality.

So I will be using this blog for that journey, because that journey involves art daily: crafting and painting and clay. It involves teaching creativity to kids, and finding it for myself.

This journey involves actually learning and applying marketing and business techniques.

My goal is to get back to art.

As Picasso said "art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

Well I have discovered that art soothes my soul, and can bring me back from deep dark depression. This says to me it is not a luxury but a necessity.

And it all starts with a clean desk.