Friday, May 28, 2010

My stamp book

My stamp book
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I decided that life would be a bit less messy if I actually knew what rubber stamps I had. especially since I seem to have recently been on an acquiring binge.

I dont actually stamp craft that much any more. But....

So I started to sort what I have. My children helped with the organization.
Then I began stamping. All stamps impressed with the same basic black ink. Im not so good at making stamp impressions. Oh well.

I got this great blank book on clearance and it is filled up. It is not full, it has room for more.
And it not very artistically done on the inside. Its more functional catalog look, and far far away from artful journaling look.

The amount of work this took, I can't imagine how long doing it artfully would end up taking.

My finger tips have been inky grey for days now. And it took a few hours to put all the stamps away. Unfortunately I was hoping to be able to maintain the sorting when they got put away, but space limitations, and storage limitations prevent that from happening at present.

inside my stamp book
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Amulets

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Bad Moon Rising amulet
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Inspiration comes from where? Well in the case of these two amulets, desperation.
I am amazingly fortunate to live near Sherrilyn Kenyon. So that means I am near where they have her book launch parties. Well, ok the last 2, for Acheron and Infinity.
The last time I had serous boot envy.
I lust after big black gothy boots. I cannot wear them. If I can find them to fit my calves they hurt my feet.
Its a lusting that will most likely never find satisfaction.
So I was getting ready to brace myself for an evening of "ooh look at the boots." And I wanted, no needed, something that would put me on to equal status with out having the boots.
So I figured I would make myself some groovy appropriate necklaces.

The amulets are based on the cover art from the books Acheron and Bad Moon Rising.
I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Ms Kenyon even admired the work. As well as several other fans.

In the end I only had 1 case of boot envy. It was so hot out most folks did not come dressed for a goth ball, just in capris and t-shirts and flip flops.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday inspirational trip

I am working on a project, that I would like to have a Persian floral look to it.
I am too lazy to dig up a book I know I have under that pile under there, and so I look up Persian floral design on the almighty Google search.
I discovered this lovely artist's work:

Heidi Tarver

She works in metal clay (the look is distinct to those of us who work in it), and her work is just lovely. Everything about it is appealing. The stylistic theme she uses, the shapes and colors of the stone.
She even has a nicely designed web site.

I *thought* I would post an image of a Persian floral design from a manuscript or from henna art, but I am sharing this lovely necklace because it makes me want to get my PMC out, and begin making wonderful things!

Friday, May 14, 2010


I have started writing tutorials for polymer clay. So far I have two of them. OOh look, a chicken! and ear cuffs.
They are both available at

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brainstormin for the blog

I am currently not a romance novelist, it could happen. If I were I would definitely participate in beefcake Monday. Gena Showalter, a paranormal romance novelist does something like this on her blog. Every Monday she posts a new shot of a hot male model, romance novel hero image fodder

So I am thinking I don't do anything along those line.
I don't have tutorial Monday, or technique Tuesday.
I think I need to really have something like that.
I dont troll flickr for flickr finds Friday, maybe I should.

Inspiration Wednesdays?
Something simple, something that I could post a quick image.
I teach art history, there are lots and lots of inspirational art works out in the world,
and something from one medium can inspire in another medium.

Wednesday I think will be my day for this....
This will be inspirational images, by that I mean an image that has influenced me to create something, or that makes me want to create something.
I need a catchy name....
I will keep working on that part.

First installment, the hat. Here is Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, wearing the hat that I discuss in previous posts

Monday, May 3, 2010

I've been blogged about!

Renaissance Gal of San Antonio has blogged about my Mediaeval Cane set!
She is a caner, so this is a thrill!

Go check out her blog, she posts daily and introduces art and artists she likes.