Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday inspirational trip

I am working on a project, that I would like to have a Persian floral look to it.
I am too lazy to dig up a book I know I have under that pile under there, and so I look up Persian floral design on the almighty Google search.
I discovered this lovely artist's work:

Heidi Tarver

She works in metal clay (the look is distinct to those of us who work in it), and her work is just lovely. Everything about it is appealing. The stylistic theme she uses, the shapes and colors of the stone.
She even has a nicely designed web site.

I *thought* I would post an image of a Persian floral design from a manuscript or from henna art, but I am sharing this lovely necklace because it makes me want to get my PMC out, and begin making wonderful things!

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