Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brainstormin for the blog

I am currently not a romance novelist, it could happen. If I were I would definitely participate in beefcake Monday. Gena Showalter, a paranormal romance novelist does something like this on her blog. Every Monday she posts a new shot of a hot male model, romance novel hero image fodder

So I am thinking I don't do anything along those line.
I don't have tutorial Monday, or technique Tuesday.
I think I need to really have something like that.
I dont troll flickr for flickr finds Friday, maybe I should.

Inspiration Wednesdays?
Something simple, something that I could post a quick image.
I teach art history, there are lots and lots of inspirational art works out in the world,
and something from one medium can inspire in another medium.

Wednesday I think will be my day for this....
This will be inspirational images, by that I mean an image that has influenced me to create something, or that makes me want to create something.
I need a catchy name....
I will keep working on that part.

First installment, the hat. Here is Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, wearing the hat that I discuss in previous posts

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