Friday, May 28, 2010

My stamp book

My stamp book
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I decided that life would be a bit less messy if I actually knew what rubber stamps I had. especially since I seem to have recently been on an acquiring binge.

I dont actually stamp craft that much any more. But....

So I started to sort what I have. My children helped with the organization.
Then I began stamping. All stamps impressed with the same basic black ink. Im not so good at making stamp impressions. Oh well.

I got this great blank book on clearance and it is filled up. It is not full, it has room for more.
And it not very artistically done on the inside. Its more functional catalog look, and far far away from artful journaling look.

The amount of work this took, I can't imagine how long doing it artfully would end up taking.

My finger tips have been inky grey for days now. And it took a few hours to put all the stamps away. Unfortunately I was hoping to be able to maintain the sorting when they got put away, but space limitations, and storage limitations prevent that from happening at present.

inside my stamp book
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Arlene Harrison said...

I did the same thing with my stamps -- problem is I keep adding to the collection and forget to add them to the book. I did break them down into a few categories. I used a notebook and used index tabs to label - Christmas, Flowers, Butterflies, Animals, Swirlies, Backgrounds and Alphabets. On the alphabet pages, I just stamped one or two of the alphabel -- enough to remind me of the size and design. I'm like you, though, I don't have enough room to keep them nicely sorted so I still have to dig a bit when I want to use a specific stamp.