Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday Amulets

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Bad Moon Rising amulet
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Inspiration comes from where? Well in the case of these two amulets, desperation.
I am amazingly fortunate to live near Sherrilyn Kenyon. So that means I am near where they have her book launch parties. Well, ok the last 2, for Acheron and Infinity.
The last time I had serous boot envy.
I lust after big black gothy boots. I cannot wear them. If I can find them to fit my calves they hurt my feet.
Its a lusting that will most likely never find satisfaction.
So I was getting ready to brace myself for an evening of "ooh look at the boots." And I wanted, no needed, something that would put me on to equal status with out having the boots.
So I figured I would make myself some groovy appropriate necklaces.

The amulets are based on the cover art from the books Acheron and Bad Moon Rising.
I am quite pleased with how they turned out. Ms Kenyon even admired the work. As well as several other fans.

In the end I only had 1 case of boot envy. It was so hot out most folks did not come dressed for a goth ball, just in capris and t-shirts and flip flops.

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