Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY no sew tote bag from t-shirt

This is the blog post I was going write. Fortunately I found the cable for my camera.

I found this cute zombie t-shirt at good will, and, well we like zombies at our house, so I figured this would be a great shirt to use for the project (that and it certainly wasn't going to fit any of us).

Step 1: Trim the sleeves off,  trim the bottom hem off, trim the collar out. I used a square shape.

Step 2: Stretch all the areas you cut so the edge rolls.

Step 3: Fringe the bottom of the shirt. I cut these about 1/4 inch to about 1/2 inch.
I cut my fringe a bit deep, since I didn't want the sponsors on my bag. Next time I won't make the fringe so long.

Step 4: Cut off the hem from one of the sleeves. Trim 4 strips about 1/2 inch wide.

Step 5: Trim the seem from the four strips, and stretch them so they roll.

Step 6: Use the strips to tie bows on the straps.

Step 7: Tie opposite fringes together. I used a basic double knot. Then tie the side-by-side fringes together. This makes a nice tight bottom with minimum holes (see next picture).

The inside of the bag, see tight holes.

Ta-da fringy zombie bag.

If you don't like all the fringe, even if it were cut shorter, you can tie the fringes together on the inside. Your bag would look sort of like this instead.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Earring swap blog hop

So I joined a blog hop earring swap.

I was partnered with another jewelry artist, and we agreed to swap 3 pairs, even though the rules were for just one pair.  She said she prefers antiqued copper and boho style.

I discovered I have no idea how to do "boho" style, but I tried.
I did end up making 3 pairs of copper earrings: 1 pair wire wrapped with copper, 1 pair forged copper, and 1 pair copper clay.

As of this writing I have not heard from the artist I was partnered with. I hope everything is ok.

She was just late, and had life get in the way. I was a bit worried, but am glad to hear it was just a schedule thing. Thanks to those who offered to send me something for the swap. Im covered.

And to see the pretties she has in store for me:

~Links of those participating. Check back on the reveal date (May 20th) and see what everybody made!~

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Nancy Smith:
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Miranda Ackerley:
Shelley Graham Turner:
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Lennis Carrier:
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Spun Sugar Beadworks:
Beccy Peterson: Beccy's Baubles
Ani Forsyth: Veil Dancer
Marde Lowe: FanciMar Designs

Thursday, May 16, 2013

No sew t-shirt bags

This is not the post I was going to write.
I took a whole bunch of step-by-step photos for a no-sew t-shirt bag, and now I cannot find the cable to plug the camera into the computer! Its a totally cute zombie 5k shirt, and now a book bag for the kid--totally appropriate (I have unique and awesome kids that way).

So Instead please go visit these other blogs for some awesome ideas for re-crafting t-shirts into bags

Do Stuff on leethal's blog for another variation of a no-sew t-shirt bag.

I particularly like wrapping presents in the bag, double gifting! Talk about reduce reuse recycle.  This is a great idea to give shopping bags to someone, encouraging the use of reusable shopping bags, reusing t-shirts, and reducing wrapping paper garbage!

Im already thinking about doing this for this years gifting fiasco called christmas. Wrapping prezzies in t-shirt bags that is.

Or go visit ecouterre for this version thats been making the rounds on pintrest:
It does involve sewing.

This one at So you Think You're Crafty involves knitting:

And this one from Art Threads gets a little fancy:

And as soon as I get that darned cable, I will post my variation of a no-sew t-shirt bag.