Thursday, May 16, 2013

No sew t-shirt bags

This is not the post I was going to write.
I took a whole bunch of step-by-step photos for a no-sew t-shirt bag, and now I cannot find the cable to plug the camera into the computer! Its a totally cute zombie 5k shirt, and now a book bag for the kid--totally appropriate (I have unique and awesome kids that way).

So Instead please go visit these other blogs for some awesome ideas for re-crafting t-shirts into bags

Do Stuff on leethal's blog for another variation of a no-sew t-shirt bag.

I particularly like wrapping presents in the bag, double gifting! Talk about reduce reuse recycle.  This is a great idea to give shopping bags to someone, encouraging the use of reusable shopping bags, reusing t-shirts, and reducing wrapping paper garbage!

Im already thinking about doing this for this years gifting fiasco called christmas. Wrapping prezzies in t-shirt bags that is.

Or go visit ecouterre for this version thats been making the rounds on pintrest:
It does involve sewing.

This one at So you Think You're Crafty involves knitting:

And this one from Art Threads gets a little fancy:

And as soon as I get that darned cable, I will post my variation of a no-sew t-shirt bag.

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