Monday, May 20, 2013

Earring swap blog hop

So I joined a blog hop earring swap.

I was partnered with another jewelry artist, and we agreed to swap 3 pairs, even though the rules were for just one pair.  She said she prefers antiqued copper and boho style.

I discovered I have no idea how to do "boho" style, but I tried.
I did end up making 3 pairs of copper earrings: 1 pair wire wrapped with copper, 1 pair forged copper, and 1 pair copper clay.

As of this writing I have not heard from the artist I was partnered with. I hope everything is ok.

She was just late, and had life get in the way. I was a bit worried, but am glad to hear it was just a schedule thing. Thanks to those who offered to send me something for the swap. Im covered.

And to see the pretties she has in store for me:

~Links of those participating. Check back on the reveal date (May 20th) and see what everybody made!~

Inge von Roos:
Nancy Smith:
Andrea Trank:
Miranda Ackerley:
Shelley Graham Turner:
Ingrid McCue:
Lennis Carrier:
Ginger Davis Allman:
Nicole Valentine Rimmer:
Stephanie Weiss:
Spun Sugar Beadworks:
Beccy Peterson: Beccy's Baubles
Ani Forsyth: Veil Dancer
Marde Lowe: FanciMar Designs


Shelley Graham Turner said...

Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!! I have worked on a swap or challenge up until the eleventh hour MANY times but I have NEVER missed one. I am soooo sorry!!

I had in my head that today was the mailing date!! If my friend's blog post hadn't arrived by e-mail I would have not have known.

I LOVE the earrings you created they are all so beautiful! I absolutely DO LOVE COPPER! I can't say which are my faves because I love them all!!

Laura, I will mail yours out tonight, please forgive me!

PiPa said...

All 3 of them are beuatiufl - I love the middle ones, they're so original!!!

KayzKreationz said...

You sent some wonderful earrings. I think my favorite pair are the ones in the middle, although I really love that clay leaf. Hope your partner is ok, and you get your earrings soon.

Cheryl Dunham said...

I love what you made, all three pair are beautiful. Which one did you send? I hope you hear from your partner and get a pair in return.

Mary Anne said...

Your metal work is awesome! Sorry you haven't received any earrings. I would be happy to send you some, if you'd like. Just contact me!

Micheladas said...

I think you nailed the boho style perfectly. Great job. I hope you hear from her.. If not let me know. I will gladly send you a pair :)

laura said...

Im glad it was just a schedule thing. I was getting worried for your health/safety.

So, no problems, I look forward to the pretties!

Anonymous said...

Wow Laura, you really went all out for this! I've always loved your copper creations and am so jealous she got 3 pairs. Thanks for participating!

Ginger Davis Allman (The Blue Bottle Tree) said...

You may not know what boho is, but you made some lovely boho-compatible earrings that any boho girl would love to wear. I really like the middle one. As for your partner...I feel for her about life getting in the way. This is a crazy time of year for me too. But you'll have yours soon...and I've seen lucky girl you!

Leah Tees said...

NIcely done, love the earrings, and I knew Shelley wouldn't let you down! :)

Dyanne Cantrell said...

I love your copper work! Very talented!!

Anonymous said...

I love what you made. Great foray into boho. I also love what you are receiving. You both need to just send everything to me next time!

Nan Smith said...

I love all 3 pairs but I'm a sucker for copper. The clay ones are outstanding!

Tara P. said...

Love all three pair - how wonderful! Glad to hear you heard from your partner!

Mimi Gardner said...

Simply beautiful! Wonderful job on all 3 pair, don't know if I could pick just one! Glad to hear yours are on their way...

Skye said...

Ah, another person struggling with the task of designing 'boho' for the first time. You did awesome :)
I know Shelley will be getting a lot of wear out of those!

paula hisel said...

i just love the middle pair!!

kmorgan said...

What a fabulous trio of earrings you made. Lovely, lovely & fabulous! I love copper, so I'm partial! :)

kmorgan said...

I love the trio of earrings! I'm partial to copper. Lovely, lovely, & fabulous!

Pepita said...

Love all of them, your partner is so lucky!!