Thursday, April 25, 2013

Two part Jewelry Clay

Lets just say. This isn't going to be added to my list of materials.

I nabbed some of this thinking, hey its on clearance, and from what I understand 
you are supposed to be able to sculpt with it.
I got a light blue thinking I would use some aurora borealis crystals 
and royal blue mica powders to make some great tentacles.


The two parts mixed up to be a dead grey color. The second part of the mix, 
thats the color not the colored block. The  instructions said use gloves, 
but thats not mentioned on the outside if the packaging. 
I used nitrile gloves and the compound was really sticky to my fingers.
Eventually I ditched the gloves and just used my hands. 
I had to scrub the bejeezes out of them whenit was done.

Well I ended up using the stuff as glue 
for some dorky little toy rings, 
and I did use it to fill bezel channels that 
I ended up coloring with mica powders.
Sculpting never happened. I tried. 
In the end I globbed it all together made a heart, 
shoved a gear in it and mica powdered it copper, 
bronze and green.

If you need epoxy to fill channels, 
or glue stuff together, this seems ok, 
it holds form sort of. 
It is not an alternative sculpting material.
At least not for me

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