Sunday, August 8, 2010

she said "surprise me"

she said "surprise me"
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I spent some time this week end working on this set of chunky turquoise.
(no its not real its died, but it looks good.)

last summer my sister purchased the chunks and some other round beads (used). Nothing happened with them while I was in CA. Mom brought them home with her on their spring trip to CA.

I've been working through past projects, and, trying to rejuvenate my work. Im doing more metal clay, and want to go beyond just stringing things together. Thats were the bracelet came from basically.
The bracelet was really a trial run for an idea I have. I want to make some bronze clay bits to incorporate. I also think a color progression might look really cool.

Any way i could not remember the original plans for these rocks, and so I texted her. She said surprise me.

I think this should do.

And that is what I did this week end.

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