Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon is a metal clay artist. I think she rocks. I love her work.
I was most bummed and sad to learn that as soon as I moved to TN she moved to Pacific Grove (damn I just left there!).
And any trip back to CA was never actually scheduled to include time to take classes.

I have visited her website on and off, and it cracks me up she plays Shawn the Sheep (love him) and Neil Gaiman, and...well similar interests, but she rocks it and I admire.

There is a new metal clay coming out, doing some reading on it, I tripped over her stuff again. And reminded, again, how much I love her work... and I so totally ordered the new book!

And I tripped over a youtube video--click above link-- where she discusses safe crafting with PMC.
She has some great info, and yep a lot of the books don't (really, California banned styrofoam packaging for a reason folks). And honestly I was a it concerned that I may not have been taught the safest studio practices.

Well after watching her quick tips I am really glad I ended up with the trainer I had. Sandra B. was my level 1 and 2 certificate master instructor. She made certain we went for clean working from the beginning. If we had to sand she encouraged wet sanding, or just wet modifications over copious amounts of sanding. We did hollow forms but only wood or cork clay. Not styrofoam ever. I remember she once said, well if you want to with your kiln thats fine, but not around me.

Because we were cranking out quantity those weekends the kiln was in the studio, but it was directly under a fan vented open window--fumes and smoke went up and out directly.

And support material was always kiln fiber blanket, and not that alumina powder crap.

And Ive been lucky when I have taught the class room is too small for class and kiln, so by default the kiln has never been in my work space.

So, yay! Of course I need to continue to work on my personal cleanliness, I get a little too finger coated--but Im always washing them off, since I can't work well with clay fingers.

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