Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What to expect in the new year?

My Wednesday inspiration is: what is going to keep me going this next year

So what's next?
This is a great question!

Do I merely fade back into the background, or do I use my kudos for this year as my spring board?

Spring board baby!

I have joined RAW-ring a week, this is a personal design and crafting challenge

I will update the etsy shop, I have so much stuff, and so little is shown. Check back weekly as I will be adding and adding.

I will update my products.
Somethings just aren't selling, like earrings. Im not going to be making these anymore, I mean why bother.
However the hats seem to be popular, and I will begin offering the new mini hat in January
Rings are fun for me, and with the RAW challenge I will have plenty.
Hinges, I have figured them out and plan on running with that pair of scissors.

Selling tips. I need them, so I will be reading and sharing.

Finish what I've started

That whole Wednesday inspiration thing. I will follow thru.

More tutorials at Clay lessons. I have had great success with the one I have, so I will be adding more.

More competitions and magazine submissions. Im already planning my next Fire Mountain entry--not the metal clay this year, maybe next year.

I love crafting the crafts I do, its my happy place. I have a friend who said Im a craft witch. I will proudly embrace that title (You know like a kitchen witch can cook, and garden witch can grown anything)

I plan on spending a lot more time in my happy place this next year.

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Marie Young (Young Creative) said...

Sounds like you have a great year planned. I hope you accomplish everything you set out to do.