Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not been so active

I know I haven't been as productive creatively as I would like. Lets blame it on school.
But I am finishing up my certificate, so school is 1 paper away from being done for a while. I have agreed to not continue next semester. Take a break and then decide if I really need to continue with the full degree or not.
I think I would rather make masks and hats and fairy doors.

I will be writing more tutorials, since the activity on has been high, consistent, and beneficial.
What do I do that is unique that I dont mind everyone copying?

Acorns and acorn fairy houses I think are next.
Little daisies for little girls
I think I will do the dragon fly

cant decide if hats is something, or even if mermaid sculptures are.....
the chickens were not as popular as I had hoped for, but id I show some beastie variations maybe?

anyway i am looking forward to getting back into it!

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