Monday, January 3, 2011

Ring a week

Bob the rhino ring
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Last year after joining Metal clay heads Etsy team, I became inspired to make rings again. The again part was inspired. I never felt like I actually succeeded in making rings, but I always liked the idea a whole lot.

So I made some truly obnoxious rings.

And I love them.

I found out about RAD= ring a day in 2010 by following a metalclay head member's blog. And it was amazing. The creativity was astounding. Some folks really went all out, some went for get-it-done. All were exercises in planning and creativity.
Well, there is no way I can do a thing a day type challenge. I have proven that to myself time and time again.

When I found out about RAW=ring a week, I thought, well I *could* do that.

The week leading up to Jan 1 I spent looking through my backlog of magazines. I figure I could start there. Yes I have a bazillion ideas of my own, but I also have a bazillion magazines for inspiration, and I need to practice some skills. I have a line up of rings from magazines to "develop my skills" on.

Whats really amazing for me, is come Jan 1, I didn't leap up and make my first ring. Well I guess I had better go get started then.

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Thomasin Durgin said...

So glad you've joined RAW, really looking forward to your rings. That rhino ring is fabulous!