Monday, January 17, 2011

Ring a week-week 3

RAW52 - 2
Originally uploaded by Reagan Hayhurst
Here we are at the tail end of week 2 and the beginning of week 3.
I decided I needed to share some of the AMAZING FABULOUS rings that are being created for this.

I will share my creations more than enough, but I am so blown away by the rings being made. Some Im floored by the design and creativity, some its a technique I had no clue about, others its pure skill and craftsmanship.

So how do I decide? I struggled with this last night. How do I choose which ring i love the most at this moment to share?
It actually stopped me from sharing at that point. Too many fabulous works.

So I just decided to go for it. This weeks lucky winner Reagan Hayhurst. This is the Morphing Mushroom ring. I think it looks like a trifid and should start walking around any minute now.

Come look at all the pretty pretty rings on flickr, I can't blog share them all, though I would like to!

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