Monday, January 3, 2011

Koi Dreams ring (RAW 1)

Koi Dreams ring (RAW 1)
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This is my first ring for the Ring a Week challenge (RAW)

I'm calling it Koi Dreams
The band is printed with water waves and peaks of koi. Never a full fish, just a glimpse of scales here and there.
The stone, an agate of some sort--I didn't pay proper attention when I purchased it beyond "oh pretty"--is a deep rich orange color and is patterned like scales.

I will most likely list it on Etsy soon. I need to get an accurate size on it. Its a large-ish ring but a smaller size--around a 5 or 5.5.

lessons learned:
my anvil is for show not work--its pretty shiny surface chipped off (good thing I learned the safety goggles lesson a while ago)
I did my first set rivets
I need a proper hammer for this
ring building technique a la Kate McKinnon--makes for a smaller ring than anticipated

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