Monday, January 31, 2011

Ideas from the interwebs

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Recently I have been participating in more and more networking opportunities on the web. In reality it feels like Im playing games. And Im having fun, and I want to play more!

I am enjoying the interaction. So far things are small-short term participation event. I am only currently participating in one long term guild/ etsy street team thing. Everything else has a limited shelf life.
RAW: ring a week
THaW: Thing a week
OWOH: One world one heart

and the random share my blog give aways.

I want to play more!

Ideas Im finding, things to look for:
charms swap
give aways
destash swaps
mystery goodie box destash
pay-it-forward swaps
collaborative construction
dos a day/ a week

dare I sign up for local meet-ups in crafts?
dare I organize a swap?
hmmm the ideas are endless
the participants are out there
Ok I need to go make something now
wish me luck, I hope its cool!

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