Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bob the rhino ring answers questions

Bob the rhino ring
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Polish polish burnish burnish.

All those fun things I do not do.
A lot of folks swear by polishing their raw metal clay.
I usually just make sure its smooth before I pop it into the kiln.

Well on Bob here, I decided lets see if it really makes a difference.
Nope none at all.
I don't want to add more fuss time to pieces that dont need it.

I know Bob is a bit out of focus in the first picture, but you can still tell the diamond points are shiny. I burnished them, the see if that would impact their shine-ability out of the kiln.

In the second picture, there is visually no difference in the points to areas that were just smooth (not burnished) before I popped him into the kiln.

So thanks Bob for answering the question of should I add more polish time prior to kiln firing.
The answer is no more than I currently do. All I do currently is make sure the surface I want smooth is smooth (usually just a wet brush clean up).

The husband was happy to hear I do not need to "polish Bob's nobs" as he put it.

Originally uploaded by Zoeowyn

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