Friday, January 30, 2009


Writing is a form of art right?
I hope so, because Im excited. I've been paying with an idea in my head. This time actually putting it onto paper--ok digital paper. I have always had "story ideas" but never really fleshed them out before. This one os fleshing itself out.
I had the entire progression and wrote it out, before I even realized I had a rough out line. Next thing I knew scenarios for specific incidents were playing their way thru my brain. Ive gotten a few more details out but nothing "hard"
So last night instead of pittering away time randomly playing on facebook, I decided to see if I could actually write this one section of "story" for a bout an hour.
ended up with a cohesive story segment. Its rough rough rough, but I found my heroines name! I got situational development, I got character development, I have hints to an under running thread that explains characteristics.
What I have is over 5,000 words
I wrote over 5000 words last night and its only a portion of the idea. It looks like I may actually be able to write the complete "book"
Thats always a concern of mine. The ideas for stories usually end up being complete in a short amount of time.
Now that it looks like I can do it, should i and should I start shopping it out?

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