Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time is an illusion

I wanna....
do this, do that, get this done, get that done, oh and take care of the family and occationally work (well not really on the work).
I have been exhausting some friends on a forum with how much I post that I do. Do I really do that much?
I decided to take a look at all I do, after all it doesnt feel like Im doing much to me: I work a few part time jobs, I sort of take care of my family (they help a lot with that), I manage to do some form of art on a daily basis, I read every day.
Yeah I guess it does seem like a lot of stuff to do, but its all little bits of stuff.I dont do things that get in the way. Frankly, I just dont have time for TV. And I have learned its not rude the do something with your hands if you are just hanging out and talking.
What does this have to do with art?
I thought I said this was an art related blog?
oh, wait. It is.
I multi task.
I keep project bags and baskets. I try when appropriate to bring something with and work on it. It may just be sketching, it may be working polymer clay, but Im doing something.
I hate "down time" when it could be productive time, like watching at swim class. I always have jewelry or clay or even canvases with me (Im just blocking them in-- no paint, not enought time).
I am constantly doing something crafty. There are no empty blocks of time, they can be filled with art.
Persistance is invloved.
Sometimes giving something up is involved. Whats sleep?
I think its safe to say some OCD is involved. Ok, a lot of OCD is involved.
So, if there is no down time how do I "read?"
Books on tape baby! (say that with an Austin Powers accent.)
Just finished some Douglas Adams stuff--yes its a repeat, but well worth it.
And the reason for the title of this post.

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DivaDea said...

Yep, there's always time for Douglas Adams! Don't panic :)