Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Who wins? you or technique?

There are a few things about polymer clay I like. Well, ok a lot more than a few, but there are a few that I wonder about. There are so many things that can be done, do I really need to attempt and succeed in all of them? No.
Im a grown up, I now realize that I do not have to be good at everything, and just because its something that can be done with clay doesn't mean I have to be able to do it.
That doesnt mean there are some things that I don't try or wonder how do others get so good at it.
Case in point millfiore canes. Im not actually a huge fan. back in the day when it seemed like everyone was jumping on the cane wagon I was playing with faux ivory exclusively and figures.
Of course I didnt really consider the faux ivory a cane, since it wasn't an image running thru.
Well I gave making canes a try, the first cane I made was an ant. I made a huge cane of my tattoo (I still have about a foot of it). I made a few celtic knots, then I tried a face, or was it a flower, it was so-so at best. Nothing I fell in love with. And, so I went off and continued to make figures.
Well in the making of the figures the thought of sanding would occasionally pop up. Eeek sanding, grit, where the heck to I find 1500 grit any thing, and then a buffer? If it doesn't fit on my dremel forget about it.
Then I noticed something-Christie Friesen occasionally left visible finger prints, well if she could I can! I then passed on the sanding thing.
Well, until I went back into making canes. I tried to make a dragon, it failed miserably. I have lots and lots of scrap from the cane, so I decided that I would stick with knots. Celtic knot canes are pretty handy, and I can do them easily, and they always turn out ok, so I started making a few more. I really wanted my little knot slices to have that polished finish that is possible with out a varnish.
fine grit...
brain storm!
finger nail files. I love the ones that have 4 different grits on them, I can polish just like Im buffing nails. I then use a buffing file to get the shine.
I finally got it figured out!
Now if I could only find the right polishing bits for the dremel it would go so much faster

oh and about the knots, I've tried another non knot, a celtic mermaid. Currently she is sitting in all her built up glory. she has taken several months to complete, and I will admit I am a tad intimidated to reduce her.
So who wins? me or the cane?

picture is slightly out of focus of a few of my Celtic knot canes

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