Thursday, April 2, 2009


I actually got into polymer clay because of the faux technique. Specifically faux ivory
I was inspired by Victoria Huges, and made my mom this major necklace that featured a large piece of amber sitting in an ivory shield.
I still think I did pretty good. it was one of the first things I ever made in polymer clay.

Back then I had no idea how far it could go.

When I got back into polymer clay after a few years off it was to incorporate the faux ivory look with the PMC silver.
I make faux teeth and carved claw looking things. At one point a man who works in horn thought my work was the real thing until he picked it up. Apparently its too light! HA! I fooled an expert. That made my month back when that happened.

Now my polymer clay work has gone back to working with the colors and all, but I still love the faux claws and tusks stuff I do.
Currently in my shop I have a pair of silver capped faux claw earrings.

Here are some other neat examples of the faux you can do with polymer clay: these earrings are faux ceramic tiles

These faux snake skin cuffs are from

and this crazy faux geode piece is from Crazy because look at how many different rocks she created!

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