Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its creativity time!

Everyone has a time of day they are most creative. I tell you what mine is not mid-afternoon! Its nap time.
I seem to be most creative first thing in the morning. Its like my coffee, gets my brain working. I can't seem to dedicate a whole lot of time to this first creative endeavor. I do seem to sit down, knock something out, then get to my day-whatever that means. This first brain boost sometimes, but not very often, rolls into a mass creative spell. And the next thing I know its nap time (about 4 in the afternoon) and Im still in my jammies!

My other creative time is evening. I seem to do my best work then. I get started right around 6 PM and can work late into the night.
I think this is left over from when I was a freelance graphic designer, and my husband worked swing shift. I tended to not "go to work" until he did. And I would work until he came home.

The best work creative environment for me is evening, basically alone-or not interrupted and lots of adventure movies. 5th Element, XXX (with Vin Diesel), and Timeline are a few of my favorites to work to.

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