Monday, August 10, 2009

Burning up!

It is way to hot outside. I feel like I could make a bunch of projects out of polymer, put them on the back porch and in 20 minutes they would be cured! I know its not even as hot here as it could be. I finally made it to Tuscon--ok in the middle of July--ouch talk about hot!

Im not very motivated in extreme weather, Im sort of like a lizard, I just want to go lay out under a big flat rock and do NOTHING.

Here are some goodies from folks over at etsy who didn't just do nothing. Of course they all remind me of how hot it is...

This is Treade hes a fire dragon from ElementalDragons
isnt he cute!

And this pen is called Dragon Skin its from creativewriting

And these swirling Rust leaves look like flames to me. Beautiful pendant is by iamcr8tive.

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