Monday, April 18, 2011

Hell is a hockey town!

Well, maybe not, but....
The other day I was wondering around Hobby Lobby, just cause. I had no intension of buying anything, I was just killing time will the girls were across the street at sewing class.
As I turned down the clay isle, my intension was to look at the resin molds. Im having a difficult time finding nice dimple free wells to use with resin--I've had to send 2 back to Firemountain already--no nipples on my molds thankyouverymuch (especially since these arent nipple molds!)
Then I saw it...
just a little pack of gears and bits from Lisa Pavelka
in the store!

I usually snag these findings from Christie Freisen, or other online sources, or demolish watches myself.
But I have never seen them available in a local store.

And Hobby Lobby to boot!

And I m thrilled I can get steampunk elements commercially, No I don't think its a sell out I think its wonderful, I can finally get my fingers on this stuff, after years of drooling over it!

Here are some links to aquiring steampunk gears for use in crafts, if your local Hobby Lobby does not carry them:
and lots of options of etsy

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