Monday, July 23, 2012

Making Etsy work for you

How to Make Money using Etsy by Timothy Adam

So apparently this is the guy that also started Since I have only poked around at this will not be a compare and contrast.

This is a good overview book.
If you have never used Etsy before and are thinking about it, or you are just getting started and the process of setting Etsy up is intimidating this is a good book.

There are chapters that walk you through setting up your site, how to place items for sale, and explains the bill.

This book has some good overviews on how the SEO process works. And setting up key words, and how to make use of strong key words.

I have been on Etsy since it was in beta--yes I was a beta user. My sales are pitifully low and pretty much always have been.  Im specifically looking for those tips that will increase traffic to my Etsy site.

This book has those.
Yes I said it, this book has those. But only a few of them. It really walks you through the process of creating backlinks, and promoting yourself via social media.

This book also has a lot of interviews with successful Etsians. There is actually some useful info hidden in those interviews.

Key take aways from this book:
Leverage social media to drive traffic to your Etsy site and increase views
Use Paypal shipping

This book is available from Amazon:

I got my copy from the library.

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