Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentine's Day Crayons

This year we made 36 crayons

The blue and yellowish one with pock marks was my favorite this year

Its always fun too see them melted in the tray because that is never what they end up looking like.


You need a heart shaped pan, those silicone ice cube trays are not going to stand up to the heat

And another pan with an edge to catch all the spilled wax from the heart shaped pan, and you will have spilling wax, so a cookie sheet with walls is a must

Skin and break up a whole bunch of crayons (or just use all the crayon bits from the bottom of your crayon bucket--what  do you mean you don't have a crayon bucket?)

The more expensive crayons have more pigment and less wax to them, they melt a little slower but you will have a better crayon in the end. The cheapo crayons work just fine, but you will have a layer of non -crayon wax on the back of your heart crayon.

I use a Wilton heart cookie tray, it takes just about 3 full crayons to make one heart crayon.

Break up your crayons, mix up your colors. We found that you do not need to pulverize your crayons, chucks 1/2 or smaller are just fine.

Place in oven, I use 300 degrees and basically just watch it until they are melted. Carefully remove the two pans (this is when the molten lava crayon wax will spill), let the trays cool. After about 20- 30 minutes I put the crayon tray into to freezer for about 10 minutes, then the crayons pop right out.

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