Thursday, November 21, 2013

Perler Beads-Im addicted!

I used to hate these little things. The art was never very interesting, and the boards always got bumped on the way to the iron.
Then one random day I saw a student wearing a hair bow made from this things and my brain started zooming around like crazy!
8-bit art, its just 8-bit art!

I decided I needed to see what could be done with 8-bit art.

A bigger peg board really can help make a difference at looking at this as "kids crafts" into a craftable art form

I went a bit crazy on Pintrest, started pinning a few ideas, next thing you know I have an entire perler board:

(Yes perler is mis-spelled, but if I correct it all those who already link to it will have broken links, tried it, so its gonna be misspelled, sorry about that.)

I also have a lot of cross stitch on there  because its sort of the same thing.

Ive even gotten my kids into it, and they will be making goodies as x-mas gifts this year.

I ended up purchasing a bucket of 6,000 beads, heres kiddo sorting them into color families

I used this as the activity at my kid's sleep over and its pretty much the only 2 hours they were relatively behaved as a group--the kids loved it, and even got up in the morning and made more!


Michael Beauregard said...

I wrote this app for my kids to help sort a bucket of beads into sets of colors. Let me know what you think:

laura said...

This looks useful, especially since I just scored another 6,000 bead bucket at Goodwill for $2!!