Thursday, April 3, 2014

Daily art

I decided I was too unbalanced, either only doing "day job" work, or binging on art.
Actually I think grad school set me into a binge mode mentality. Binge mode for writing papers, where thats all you do. Binge mode to watch a tv series on Netflix because there is a brief two day respite in the work load before the next assignment is available, binge reading fiction because starting next week there will only be time for research.

Its not a healthy way to approach projects or life. And Im not living my life as a grad student anymore, so time to work on balance.

I felt one of the ways to do that is to make art every day, not finish a complete project every day (that supports the binge concept) but something artistic.

This is my goal for April.

I started this month with some shrinki dinks. Yesterday I assembled them into earrings, and prepared a hair stick and a fancy egg pendant ornament. Today I managed to get my art on early, and I was able to finish the hair stick and the easter egg necklace!

Little projects and little stress to have it done now.

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