Sunday, December 30, 2007

Why wait for the New Year?

Uhm Hello,

I have decided to launch a topic specific blog. A quick a minimalist background: I am an artist. I have made my living as an artist. I have had moments of success and recognition as a professional artist. And, yes I was a commercial artist. I am now making the foray into professional "craft" artist. I make jewelry, I make small works using collage and print making. I also paint, and build small clay sculptures. And I design and create illustrations on the computer. I currently am not using art as my source of income. My soul is bleeding, my sanity hemorrhaging. 
Ok, so why the blog then? I will be using this as my link to the art world specifically. I will crow and post new creations. I will say things like, "I still think that Prof. Trelawney needed to wear this piece of jewelry I made it was an urn with dragonflies on it", thus linking popular culture searches to my work.
I will post how tos, and articles I would like to have written for craft magazines that got the "thanks, but no" reply.
I may even post commentary on local art events I attend--if I do. 
I will include performance art, and digital art, and I will let you know if the animation in Beowulf really did Angelina Jolie  any justice or not.
I may even grace you with poor attempts at fiction when my art turns into words.

Life is art, lets see what we make of it.

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