Thursday, January 3, 2008

Three art books Im starting this year with.

Three books I am starting 2008 with.
I have been perusing these books at Michael's and BAM off and on for months now. I was happy to find them in my library's system.

Book One:

Secrets of Rusty Things by Michael de Meng, published by North Light Books.
De Meng is a sculptural collage artist living somewhere off in Montana. His creations that are featured in this book look like ancient artifacts of personal shrines. He shares some techniques on how certain effects are created. Its not a step-by-step per say, but it is basically a "how-to," ok more of a "how'd you go about doing this." Stylistically the book is designed to look like an artistic sketch/notebook.
His over all style is appealing to me. I recently became interested in creating Milagros art, and taking my mini sculptures into the realm of shrines, and I already like the style of creating art as artifacts.

His website is, and it has lots of his cool images

Book Two:

Pretty Little Things by Sally Jean Alexander, also published by North Light Books.
Ok I want to go learn how to solder now. The lady makes sparkly little glass based thinguses (a technical term) that are soldered together using shiny silver solder. This book is laid out more as a "step-by-step" and "how-to." Her work is very cool, but I don't need another hobby. I don’t need to add these skills to my repertoire just yet. (Repeat I don’t need to add soldering skills or supplies) Her work is inspiring, even though I don’t do anything even near what she does. goodies and visuals abound, as well as shopping opportunities.

Book Three:

Altered Books Workshop by Bev Brazelton, also published by North Light Books.
This book has the same set-up, not quite a full "step-by-step" book, but definitely a directions based book. This book takes you through various collage techniques and how they apply to altered books. This book, of the three, actually covers information I already utilize in my art occasionally. Still it doesn’t mean I didn’t read the book thinking "why didn’t I think of this first?" And, realistically it does incorporate items I may actually get around to using. The author has a few samples that are very much book shrines. It really sparked the concept of taking my shrines into books. another well desinged website, not so content heavy as the other ones, but still has the information you might want.

All three boooks provide ample food for thought, and are fun to look at as well. MY problem with purchasing books like this is I look at them, think they are cool, put them away for a while and then wonder why did I purchase these? I'm glad I have to opportunity to check them out of the library. The real test for me is if I keep checking them out, then I will go purchase the book. (I have done that many times with polymer clay books.) In the mean time, I'm enjoying these books.

Book cover images borrowed from Amazon so you can see what they look like, Im gaining in no way by sharing these with you.

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