Friday, January 4, 2008

This is some of what I do

So what is it that I do artistically?
I fall in love, become obsessed, and bemoan the fact that I can't create art enough.
I like to combine all my interests, and blend cultural influences. Artistically I do a whole bunch, and refuse to limit myself to one medium. I do not feel that means I do not achieve proficiency in any one medium, to me it means I have thousands of outlets for the creative storm in my head.

Professionally I used to be a Graphic Designer. I specialized in Photoshop illustrations, and icons/logos. One of the things I still do is create digital illustration and small iconic illustrations. I primarily utilize this skill in creating t-shirt artwork that I post on my various Café Press sites.
I have in the past painted, and drawn, the traditional way with my hands. I still do. Again most of this artwork I use for t-shirts and other print on demand items, like cards and tote bags.
Ok, that covers some of the how I make art, now what is my subject matter?
My most prolific subject is belly dance related. My belly dance art can be seen at I also design costuming patterns and occasionally create one of a kind belly dance costumes. These creations can be found at
I also am a big fan of piratical themed items, and am a basic smart-ass. The works that reflect this part of my world can be found at Now, I will be honest and that one is "under construction," as I am currently getting a new Café Press location for my fantasy and new-age/metaphysical art.
I also make jewelry. I tend to think of it as mini sculpture. I have had a long-term relationship with polymer clays. I took a break when I started having children, because I did not want exposure to any potentially harmful fumes. Yes, polymer clays are labeled non-toxic, but at the time it was a better-safe-than-sorry option, since we lived in a small apartment with poor ventilation. A spin off from the polymer clay was to begin working in Precious Metal Clay. This was obsession-at-first-class. I have become a level two certified instructor, and I love to teach as well as make unique jewelry with PMC. I still make jewelry and small accessory type objects using the polymer clay, and I do combine the two for a unique style.
I recently took a wire wrapping class, strictly to improve my wire skills. At the time I did not plan on adding wire wrapping to my repertoire, but it looks as if I have. I also have inherited a huge amount of vintage buttons, and yes they are making a way into what I do. My jewelry can be found at
This year, 2008, I have returned to drawing and am working on a collection of under sea pictures. I am also taking my "mini sculptures" and actually doing just that, making mini sculptures, not necessarily for wear.

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