Monday, January 28, 2008

Inspiring? Me?

The following "conversation" is from the Yahoo group that admires Christie friesens polymer clay creations. I am a fan. Her stuff is whimsical and cute and, gee I wished I thought of it first.
Her stuff can be seen at

My responces to the conversation is:
Snoopy happy dances

this is just such an awesome compliment, Im all twitchy with enthusiasm!

the posts in reverse order, just to see the progression of thought

Re: 100 Million Dollar Bones
Posted by: "M-H-

Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:43 pm (PST)
I saw that Pirate bead and Loved it! I made my own little fridge magnet copy
for fun and it gets quite a bit of attention. I show the picture in the
magazine and they say "ooOOOooo" and want to go make some too. You're a
great inspiration for a fun day!

the 4th post
On Jan 27, 2008 6:34 PM, xenia - wrote:

Ususally I just lurk here, but the replica bones and the skulls I had to chirp in Ive been making Polymer clay skulls for over a year now.
I started with Pirate stuff (my "Pirate Love" bead was in Polymer Cafe's Big Bead challenge)and then I moved on to make fake "sugar skulls" Mexican Day of the Dead style.
I posted a few pics of my decorated skulls, they are really big beads, and fit in the palm of your hand.
I posted them in a new photo album LauraMstuff

The third post

Hirst is very interesting. That skull is impressive. Beautiful and
morbid at the same time. I was looking at some pictures of his work
and I found myself thinking about life' meaning while noticing lots
of his work deals with mortality. He has quite a sense of irony and
dark humor. Just how I like my artists. LOL

I agree that a lot of people have changed their attitudes about our
bodies, the insides anyway. lol I so wish I had seen the Dr's
exhibit while I was in Seattle in 2006. My brother was put off by
the displays being real human bodies and I didn't want to go
alone. . . I'd have spent all day in there anyway. He would have
thought I'd abandoned him. . .lol

The whole thing with IR's finger necklace has me intrigued and
inspired me to try something like that. It's all so fascinating to
think about.


the second post

K, the skull was made by Damien Hirst. He is the artist that won the Turner prise with a controversial display of a calf cut in half. Blah! The skull is worth 100 million dollars! It is a real human skull but is hundred of years old. Look here for a great photo:

I think people are looking at the human body differently now. I've seen the body exhibit by the German doctor twice. It is fascinating, often beautiful and also shows a great sense of humor. Whoa! What about a skinned arm showing muscles? Interesting possibilities in this whole body thing.


I lost the first post to the thread

the picture are a few of my skulls (Im searching for the Pirate Love bead, the picture is on a disk some place...)

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