Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Things I made this weekend....

suppliments bracelet
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I was oh so lucky to take a wire wrapping class this weekend. On the drive over I thought "boy Im glad classes start at 10 and not 9"
When I walked in the owners face told me I was WRONG, the class started at 9. Fortunately the teacher, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong, told me to get my butt in there, since she figured I could catch up.
I took a weekend class set with her back in October, and it turns out I "get it." I need to slow down and to practice but this whole wire wrapping thing I get.
So in class we made a cute little wave ring, which it is now my challenge to turn into a bracelet (yep Cougar homework). And the sculpted cab.
Ive already made 5 of these since class, and one was a commission!!!! (need to get a pic of that--made to match a dress for a wedding!)

well if the class didnt creatively kick my butt into gear. I came home and whipped out my PCAGOE challenge piece as well.
Thats the pic for this blog, you see I dont have pics of the rest yet. Thats scheduled for later this week, then I will get those posted

Heres a link to Dale's blog. For the post on Stardust Designs Bead Shoppe, Im in the pic, standing in the VERY back
wearing the rib cage shirt with the barely controlled red hair

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Lilin (aka Christina) said...

Nice. I'd like to see more photo of your lovely work.